Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Featured Writer for Challenge No 29 for Friday Dec 13 - New Year's Resolution.

STOP PRESS! Because I was going away I organised the judging on Monday so therefore two late entries were not in the lineup. Sorry Maddy and Kiru, but I'm sure you'll understand! Thanks so much for your late entries. I'm not going to be able to read them for a few days...

Hi fellow writers!

I was surprised at the low number of entries this week but thank you for all who were able to take the time and share with us. I'm so glad we had Janu pen her passionate poem, Dream On, or otherwise the only poetry you would have had was from me.

As always I was touched by the entries. Roland's paranormal take on the theme was unique as usual, Anna's diary entry format was lovely, Francine spoke through one of her Regency characters, Christina, and Donna apologetically presented us with Josh and his Corona. Great tales (for which she needed not apologize.)

I asked Donna to help judge this week as it is a difficult task for one person. As usually happens, both judges chose the same people. By now you'll realise I haven't mentioned Joy or Laura, so it's just a matter of who is what.

Laura gets a prize this week for her stories on resolutions, chocolate and thighs...and Bob being sweet. A lovely mix. So Laura, we applaud your story and ask that you take the Runner Up badge this week and post it on your blog if you wish!

Featured Writer this week is the uber talented Joy Campbell. Publishing all those books has indeed made her a sharp writer and I'm sure if you read it, you loved the snippet with Celeste and her sister building bridges and sharing pregnancy philosophies. Thanks for sharing with us again Joy. I hope you'll take the badge again!

This week I'd also like to award the Encouragement Award to Janu for her wonderful poem. Please take the badge, Janu, and post it on your site.

So dear RomanticFridayWriters, I for one have already written my story for Jules' prompt - it intrigued me so much. I hope you can spread the word so we can have many more entries on Friday January 27.

Have a great week of writing!

Meanwhile I'm having my first holiday of 2012, flying right across Australia from the East Coast to the West Coast (over 5 hours). After a few days in Perth and a cruise to Rottnest Island, we'll (hubs and I) be driving to Margaret River, where this ex-surfie town has reinvented itself as an organic paradise of vineyards and premium wines. Hmm. Just as well I made no New Year's Resolutions about wine!


Denise (L'Aussie)


  1. Hope you're having a happy holiday, Denise!

  2. Congrats to Laura and Joy.

    Have a great holiday Denise.

    Yes I wondered if I'd entered too late, though I enjoyed getting my muse back and sharing my flash fiction story.

  3. Hi,

    Many congrats to Laura, Joy and Janu!

    Well done all... ;)


  4. Congrats to all the winners. Picking one or two out of all the fabulous writing presentations is never an easy task. I thoroughly enjoyed all the writings.

    I'm sure the Dance theme will be intriguing.

    Have a marvelous time Denise. I'm soooo jealous :)


  5. Hello everyone.
    Many congratulations Joy, Laura & Janu!
    This award will be a booster for Janu who fractured her leg during a marathon at the weekend & ended up in hospital.

    Denise, have a fabulous time. Don't over-indulge too much...then again...why not! Looking forward to your photos. Stay safe on your travels & see you on 27th! I hope you will permit me to have the first dance. (smile)

  6. OOps sorry I forgot to mention Janu. Congrats on the award too.

  7. Wow - thank you again so much! And congratulations to Joy and Janu too. Denise - have an amazing time!

    Sorry I was late coming back, but I've had no internet this week. Janu - sorry to hear of your leg - hope it mends fast

    looking forward to see what everyone does for Jules' prompt
    Laura xxx

  8. Hi dear friends. Just popping in to say a quick hello before I head off for a day's fun. Spent yesterday touring wineries etc. Was fabulous. I've posted one picture on my blog if you'd care to see it.

    Janu, I'm sorry to hear about your leg. I hope you mend fast!

    Catch you all on the 27th. The prompt is amazing so can't wait to read your entries.

    Denise, Aussie Traveller.

  9. Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who participated. Things are looking better for me so I plan to write something for dance. Have a wonderful trip Denise. I see wine you think that line will do as well as, I see ghost? LOL

  10. Dear Denise and RFWers,
    Congratulations to the winners. I am sorry that I have had trouble getting around to read everyone's posts. I will try to visit everyone as soon as I can. But I've been having all kinds of difficulties that I cannot explain here. But one of my problems I must write about here, because Denise could help me with it.

    I have been having problems with my blog, Anna's Adornments. I think I need your help, Denise.

    On January 21st, suddenly, I could not do anything with my blog, Anna's Adornments. After ten or fifteen seconds I was redirected from my blog to a site that said that my domain name had expired and they would like to sell me a domain.

    I don't know if this is a scam or what. If it is aggressive marketing, I don't like it. I decided to not waste any time and just simply opened a new blogger blogspot blog and exported all of my old posts to it. But doing so, I have lost all of my followers on Google Friend Connect as well as NetworkedBlogs.

    This also means that the link from Romantic Friday Writers members roll with my thumbnail picture goes to a blog that I have abandonned. You will be directed to this silly page that tells you that my blog domain has expired.

    Dear, Sweet, Denise, would you be so kind as to go in and chance my blog URL from:

    to my NEW blog URL for Anna's Adornments:

    As you may notice, the only difference is a hyphen between 'annas' and 'adornments'

    I would be grateful if you could do this for me so that I don't have to be at the bottom of the list. There are nine thumbnails after mine!
    You are the only one who has access to the master link.

    [Would you also change my URL on your blog list that you have on your side bar?]

    Thank you, thank you, Denise. I hope you have a really fun trip and return home well-rested.

    Best wishes,
    of Anna's Adornments

  11. Congratulations, all! Very well deserved.

  12. I am so honored...thanks for the encouragement.


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