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#RFW Challenge No 33 - I Love You Because - Stimulus and Particular Guidelines

Hi Writers!

I'm looking forward to our first song series prompt. Linky will be up Thursday (Oz time) and will remain up until Sunday (Oz time.)

Don't forget - it's People's Choice week I'm asking you to read all entries, comment, then come back to RFWer site and tell us your favourite for the week and why. 

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You can write:

  • Flash Fiction (up to 400 words) - FF has a beginning, middle and end to the story. Check out what makes up FF here on our RFWer page.
  • Prosetry (a RFWer term) - poetic prose often penned in couplets. Check out Andy's post here
  • Poetry - all types.
  • Vignette - a single scene, a snapshot - atmospheric; different from flash fiction or short story in that there does not have to be a traditional plot. (I'm writing this more and more.) For more about the vignette,  Check out my post here.
Check out our Submissions page for more guidelines and how to join up...

What do Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Jim Reeves have in common? They all recorded 'I Love You Because...' I like all versions, but the one I recognise is the Jim Reeves version from the '60s. Go to youtube and listen to each if you want further inspiration for this prompt. I think these words really suggest poetry to me. I might have a go at some more prosetry or I may stick to prose.


The words 'I Love You Because...' must feature in the poem/prose at some point - be as imaginative as you wish with this. It doesn't necessarily have to be in first person (I know some writers hate first person, I'm sure I don't know why.) Make it whatever person you wish. Just write us a lovely poem or story. Don't forget to include a romantic element...hmmm, can't wait to get started...

Here are the lyrics to the song. Do check it out on youtube:

I Love You Because..................(words & music by L. Payne)
I love you because you understand dear
Every single thing I try to do.
You're always there to lend a helping hand, dear.
I love you most of all because you're you.

No matter what the world may say about me,
I know your love will always see me through.
I love you for the way you never doubt me.
But most of all I love you 'cause you're you.

No matter what may be the style or season,
I know your heart will always be true.
I love you for a hundred thousand reasons,
But most of all I love you 'cause you're you.

And Nancy reminded me of the wonderful poem:

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..."
by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861)
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
I love thee to the level of everyday's
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
I love thee with a passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints, --- I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life! --- and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

Now you have all the guff, let's get writing. Post the direct link to your story on the linky after you have posted on your blog.

I'll leave you with Jim Reeves singing 'I Love You Because'.

Still need more inspiration? Go to Sarah Pearson's post on Romantic Songs here.

L'Aussie Denise


  1. Thank you for the interesting post and prompt...but I must point out that Andy's post/example is not a couplet in the strict poetry form.

  2. Well thank Heaven for Heaven, I knew they weren't rhyming couplets but I thought they were still couplets not of the strict poetry form? Am I wrong?


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hello.
    Thanks for the mention Denise. I didn't think my poetry was in any strict form either, but who am I to say what's form & what's not...I just write what I feel in my own unique style of writing. Whether it's politically correct or not has no meaning to me. I hope we get a good turnout this week. I've just issued an announcement for the challenge on my fan page. See you sometime Thursday!

    1. Oops...*poetically...it's late, time for bed I'd say (lol)

  5. Thanks Andy. I'm working on a bulk email as people keep telling me they forget!

    I'd love a big turnout too! More the merrier...


    1. Denise, I've come across lots of romantic poetry writers in my blog visits & have even tried to coax them over here, but it's like they're afraid to jump in or just not interested. It's a shame really, because the prosetry coming out of this group is top notch. I'll make another FB announcement on Thursday too. It's almost 1:00am my time, so I'll say goodnight. Have a great day!

  6. Wow Denise, you have been busy busy. that is awesome. I know nothing about poetry in any form; I only know if I understand it or not.

    I with Andy, I've tried to entice more participants with reminder posts on my blog. This is such a fantastic write-up perhaps more of the members will want to post.

    I'm looking forward to Friday, I've already been working on my excerpt (in my head at least).


  7. Thanks for the reminder, Denise.

    This week's challenge sure looks interesting. I better get my writing brain on. :)
    I've tweeted and shared it on FB. Hopefully we'll have more takers.

  8. It's been a mega-busy week foe me and I've only just realised it's Friday!
    No RFW post from me I'm afraid, but I'll be there commenting and cheering you all on.


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