If you've clicked on my name, chances are you have some interest in finding out a little about me. I hail from the beaches of Oz where I find constant inspiration to write. Any further queries, email me at


At Victor Hugo's apartment on my recent
 visit to Paris.
I love to blog and have more than one. L’Aussie Writer is where you'll mostly find me. I post at least twice a week. Here you'll find my RFWer posts and other writing-related posts. At PichetsInParis you'll find irregular updates of photos of my France travels..

Romantic Friday Writers was my brainchild, which I birthed with Francine Howarth in 2011. I love the infinite possibilites of this writer's site. There are many gifted writers and poets submitting stories and poems. At times we choose a Featured Writer and Runner Up and offer an Encouragement Award to emerging writers. It is an ideal writing environment to practise your craft and receive critiques on your work if you desire.


I have four novels in the edit phase and I adore my strong female main characters – the first a young French girl following her dreams (set in Australia and Antarctica) and the second a survivor with attitude (set on Nantucked Island, MASS.) My third NaNoWriMo novel is set in Afghanistan. My effort for NaNo in 2012 was Fijian Princess, a Harlequin-esque novel set of course in Fiji.

I love writing short stories with strong female protagonists. I have had some published in Australian Fast Fiction magazine. I'm working on self publishing an anthology/study guide of flash fiction followed by a book of short stories, beginning a themed series. The first in the series will either be set in Paris or have Paris motifs. I often steal bits and pieces from my story collections and give them a makeover to suit RFWer themes. All great writing exercise!

If my forays into self publishing are successful I am considering collating an anthology of the best romantic flash fiction stories from RFW members.

I travel a lot, and use these experiences to interweave plots and settings for my novels, short stories and flash fiction. I have published travel articles in Australian travel magazines like On The Road. I plan to write a travel memoir oneday, one full of the humourous side of travelling.

I’m currently editing my fourth novel, Fijian Princess, writing and submitting short stories, creating flash fiction for the blogosphere (#romanticfridaywriters) and writing travel articles. I travelled overseas again recently - Spain, France, Morocco and Andorra this time. I call it novel research. I have an idea for a story which is going to be set in the Dordogne, France. Woo hoo! Nice work if you can get it, as they say…