Sunday, 11 December 2011

Challenge No 27 for December 16 - Sparkle! Challenge open to all!

Our current challenge is Sparkle! There's lots of sparkly things around at the moment so writing to this theme should be a delight. That doesn't mean your stories have to be all sweetness and light - there could be more to the sparkle than meets the eye.

As I've written on the Challenges page -

What sparkles in your life? What sparkles in your WIP? How many sparkly things can you think of? How can you make your story unique? What wouldn't you expect to sparkle, yet it did? Come on, challenge yourself! Sparkle us all with your 400 words of fairy dust!

An interesting little Sparkle poem can be found at the above link.

I got my idea for my Sparkle! story from a newspaper article (well, actually I often get ideas there!) Where do you get your ideas from? We know Nancy Williams dreams hers up when she's ill, Francine sees movies in her head, I get my ideas from a first sentence here or there or a photo, painting - newspaper, magazine, book, film...What about you? Leave a comment and tell us...

Linky will be up this Thursday December 15th so have those works of art ready!

Denise (L'Aussie)


  1. Oh my goodness, where don't I get ideas from? Now, good ones, that's a different matter ... :-)

  2. Sarah, you're so funny! You're going to get a spectacular idea soon I just know it!


  3. Will link up when the linky opens...but my post is up here -

  4. Hello.
    Life, love & my poet's imagination tend to spark my ideas, but I'm sent into poetic overdrive when I listen to the melancholic music of Mukesh.

  5. Anything and Everything that catches my eye or ear! I find inspiration in the silliest, and sometimes even in the most horrid things I come across.

    The trick is to make something *good* come out of it! In words, and hopefully in the feelings I'm able to reach with them.

    Looking forward to reading tomorrow's posts about Sparkle! Can't wait to join in the fun!

  6. Denise,

    I'm trying to figure out how to read the submissions, either for the current contest or past. I only see the 'Featured Writer' that won.

    If I sign up, does this mean I MUST write something? And, is it the only way to read other submissions? I don't tweet, btw.

    OR, are they not available for reading until the deadline date? Would love to read! Will consider posting something myself. (IF I can summon the courage!)

  7. Oh, good lord! I see the links farther down on the home page! I swear they weren't there a minute ago!

  8. Looking forward to everyone's submissions.

    Scarlett, we had to start a new site as our other got 'infected'. That's why there's not a lot of other stories available.

    No, you just write for the themes you like and link directly to your story.

    Be great to have you posting!


  9. Dear Denise,

    Where do I get ideas? From anywhere! I use a lot of what happenes in my daily life and try to tranform it into fiction. Sometimes it works, but not always. I have kept a diary since I was twelve years old. I have always been a listener; listening to my mother talk about her childhood or listening to my grandparents. I have a lot of second-hand stories about the lives of other people who lived long, long ago, stored in my brain. Gossip? Secrets? No, I am not out to be mean to anyone, even if I have have unsuccessfully tried to write a murder mystery using my ex-husband as the model for the villian!

    My children and the unavoidable exposure to all forms of children's culture, are undoubtably a great influence on me right now.

    (Which may be one of the reasons I have trouble writing really passionate romantic texts! I don't think like a grown-up anymore!)

    There are stories everywhere; there are characters all around us. My problem is finding time between chores to put them down on paper.

    Best wishes,


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