Thursday, 9 August 2012

#RomanticFridayWriters - Challenge No 42- I NEED A CHANGE!

Sorry RFWers; I seriously botched this post.  I lost the fabulous write up Denise scheduled, and you are stuck with this one.  But, there is a linky.  

Try to make it a first person challenge. 
Check out the Challenges Page for more suggestions on the prompt. 
If you're posting for the first time, check out the Submissions Page for Guidelines.


400 words of prose or poetry. Must contain a romantic element of some sort.
Linky will close August 12 at 10pm AEST.


WRITE your story or poem
POST it on your blog between Thursday and Sunday
COPY the direct code 
LINK UP with your direct code in the Linky at the RFW site
LEAVE a comment after posting
READ as many entries as you can, leaving a comment. Consider following their blog if you like what you see. Can't wait to read your story/poem.

Any problems linking? Just missed the deadline? 
Email Denise at


  1. Hey Denise & Donna,
    Where's the Linky?

  2. Hi Denise and Dopnna,
    Something has gone wrong - no linky? Everything in the side bars is now in the middle column.
    Will check back later.

  3. Oh dear I can't see the linky either.

    Mine is prescheduled to post tomorrow...

  4. Link oh link, where aret though? Hehe.
    Mine is up.

  5. My submission is up but it looks like we've all hit a bump in the road as I was wondering the same thing.. The linky is missing.. :)

  6. See what happens when Denise goes off on holiday and leaves us all by our lonelies?

    Sorry guys - the linky will stay down until Denise gets back on the internet. She has tried to allow me access to the link, but it doesn't allow me to edit.

    This post was created in the linky thingy and I can't even post an update that says "please have patience", I'm sure Denise will be back soon.

    In the interim, feel free just to leave a comment here that your submission is up so others know you have posted.

    I'm going to try to insert a linky on a separate post. Hold you breath with me while I dive into the mysterious technical waters of linkage. If you see weird stuff appearing and disappearing on the blog, it is not a ghost - or hacker - its just me rattling the cage :)


  7. Okay everyone. My story is up but it won't allow me to link. I guess Donna is having trouble. I hope you all will stop by anyway.

  8. It does not look like my linky is working either. When I click on it I see Crystal's name is there, but I was unable to add a link.



    1. Ok, it does work but you can only see who else is linked if you click to add your link. It seems we are posting in secret for this challenge.


  9. I've added my link though none seem to be showing up on the RFW blogsite :O0!


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