Saturday, 2 March 2013

Fan Fiction Wrap Up Post - A - Z Challenge - Announcing March challenge - Driven to Murder

Hi RFWers and friends!Sorry

Sorry this blog has been a bit of a black hole, but both Donna and I have been flat out with our writing, and I have had visitors. I've blogged about one of the interesting workshops I attended yesterday on Plotting. You might like to have a read. It was excellent.

Nas Dean, Myself, Charmaine Clancy (RFWer) and Jillanne Harrison (writing group member)
All Plotting!

Now onto our fan fiction...This was one of the most challenging challenges yet, I think, and judging by the comment stream under the sign up, many of you agree with me. It wasn't that easy to choose a couple, then write a fan fiction piece. Most of us had never attempted it before. Once I'd written my Heathcliff monologue, I checked the fan fiction site to find that there are well over 100 fan fiction pieces for Wuthering Heights. Impressive.

Maybe I chose the easy way out by writing Heathcliff, one of the best-known wacky lovers in classic history.  But I loved your takes on Gone With The Wind, (Linda, Yolanda), Lord of the Rings (Donna), Twilight (Rek, N R Williams ), Arthurian Legends (Sally), Anime (Dawn Embers), Terry Pratchett's Discworld series (Charmaine ), Selma Lagerlof's Gosta Berlings saga (Anna), the Mahabharata (Nilanjana), Pride and Prejudice (Erin Kane Spock), 80's Hindi movie, Ek Duuje Ke Liye (Janu). (I'm always worried I've missed someone out--if I have inadvertently done so, please let me know in the comments.) 

I loved learning the stories from other cultures--this challenge was all about what is classic all over the world--and you delivered. I was thoroughly entertained. How about you?


How many of you are participating in the A - Z Challenge? Donna and I are tossing ideas back and forth regarding an April challenge. The jury's still out on whether we will offer a challenge or not. If you want to massage it to fit a daily post for the A - Z Challenge, go for it. It'll probably be around the S. Please leave a comment and let us know.


Anyone up for a bit of murder and mayhem; the intrigues of conspiracy and betrayal, either for political gain, money, or even - true love? RFW invites all stories of pose or poetry, up to 1000 words, with the theme that pays homage to the Roman God Mars (Greek equivalent Ares), patron of war and agriculture. Mars is depicted as a cold and impersonal God, caring more for the battle itself than the outcome.

To honor Mars (March) your characters will plot and/or implement a deceitful act under the guise of love. We're looking for motives; what does the lover hope to gain by the nefarious or altruistic act. We want to see themes of vengeance, manipulation, self sacrifice.

Any POV, any genre; just be sure your MCs are in love and have a self serving reason for the plotted course of action.

The linky will go up on Monday, 4th March, giving you 3 weeks to plan/publish your story. The instant sign up worked last month, except for a couple of peeps who ran out of time. Usually it is quite easy to delete your link by hitting the little cross against your name. This saves readers the frustration of clicking on an entry that isn't there! Otherwise, send me a request to delete your name from the list. (I don't like to do it without your permission!)


  1. It was certainly a good run on the fan-fiction. Our RFW writers showed their true writing colors for this one. I enjoyed them immensely :)

    Have a great weekend all :)


  2. Yay, love a little murder.

    There were so many amazing fan-fic stories, it was fantastic! As you know, I won't be A-Zing. A writer's gotta write and that challenge always sucks my energy and imagination. I'll try and visit some of the participants during the challenge and I do think it's a good thing for newbies to gain followers.

    I'll be blogging as usual :)

    1. Still haven't decided if i'll even blog in April. After 3 years i see the A-Z as the big energy suck it is. I've got too many projects to finish.

  3. Hi,

    This was one of the hardest and the most enjoyable challenges I have participated in at RFW, and it produced completely sumptuous reads. Loved each one of the stories.

    Will be back for the March one for sure :)

    Have a great weekend, all of you.

  4. Oh yes this was rather a challenge and I changed my mind several times as to who to base my writing on.

    I loved reading everybody's stories and seeing stories from around the world that I hadn't come across.

    I am going to participate in the A - Z this year (for the second time) but would still like the opportunity of continuing with RFW during April.

    I certainly missed it in November when so many others were involved in the NANO thingy.

    There are always things that get in the way, life, work, family and illness to name a few but sometimes it's the old saying 'if you want something done then ask a busy person.'

    Obviously Denise and Donna the ultimate decision will be yours as you do such a lot of the background work to make this group as successful as it is and it is totally understandable if you don't think it is feasible during April.

    Now, as to murder - crikey another tough challenge. You certainly don't make things easy!

    1. Thanks for your vote of confidence Sally!

    2. if you want something done then ask a busy person.'

      LOL, too true Sally :)


  5. Glad to hear positive feedback so far. It was good, wasn't it? Love to be challenged.
    Writing murder is a challenge for me.

  6. Hi Denise .. love seeing photos and hearing the news - hope you do do the A - Z ...

    What fun to be able to meet up - I wrote one murder mystery - but I'd like to do a series around the theme ... one day probably quite soon ...

    Perhaps once the A-Z is over and I get in the car and start travelling around the UK visiting family and friends .. I tend to get lots of good thoughts once in the car -

    Cheers for now .. Hilary

    1. Hilary, thanks for visiting. I know your A-Z posts will be awesome.

    2. Oh and no Hilary. No A-Z for me ever again. May post as normal...not sure.

  7. I read this post last night before bed, and wanted to mull if over before answering. I'm doing the A-Z although, I'm not sure why, even though I have my 'subject' it's daunting. Still, I love the RFW challenges and would love to see myself create 12 new shorts this year.

    But as Sally said, this all up to you two, and even though I haven't written the one for March yet, and I'm working on book 3, and a new idea for a new mystery and a new detective hit me this morning -- Why not?

    But again, as Sally says, ask a busy person!

    Besides, it's only writing... :)

    And ditto to the hardest challenge yet - February's Fan Fiction!

    1. It was fun, even though hard. I'm not doing the A-Z-- too much time drain when I'd rather be writing. Have done it for 3 years - enough!

  8. March 4th, 2013

    Hi Denise & Donna and other REWers,

    Glad you enjoyed the fan-fic-pieces. I won't be working that hard on a post again for some time.

    I am trying to write a murder-love-story and have no idea if I will succeed. It seemed so easy at first and then it got more difficult.

    I will me participating in A to Z in April, but I am trying to keep my texts very, very short! I am doing it NOW, as I will not have time in April.

    You can offer a challenge in April, if you like. (I think you should have had one in November for those like me who had to quit NaNo.) But I may not have time to post anything. It all depends upon what the challenge is.

    Take care!

    Hope to see you all 'at the scene of the crime'!

    Best wishes,

  9. We'll be there Anna. I'm still thrashing around ideas for murder story.

    1. Thanks Anna; good luck with murder mystery :)


  10. Just noticed this one. Yep, I'm doing A to Z with my fiction & fitness blog. Haven't decided yet if I will also use Dawn Embers blog.


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