Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Weekly Linky Sign-up - October 28 - Challenge No. 25 - "Haunting!"


  1. Blood, guts, gore and creepy critters. Romance blooms in unexpected places. A young man and hero is talking to me already and letting me know he has a tender heart.

  2. ...not as scarry as it could be... :)

  3. Mine's up! Since the faeries refused to be in this text, I've asked other fictional characters to help me out with this story.
    Best wishes,
    Anna's RFWers' Challenge No. 25 - 'Haunting'

  4. Mine's up! Looking forward to your blood, guts and creepy critters Nancy! You were quick Eclipse! I'm heading over Anna!

    Looking forward to a Haunting-fest this weekend!


  5. Oh and welcome Simran! Great that you're posting today!


  6. Mine's up. It's prose this week!

  7. Hi,

    I'm in, not much blood I'm afraid, but spooky!

  8. Mine will be up tomorrow (prescheduled) I have linked today because I may not have internet access tomorrow.

    My cat Tarragon says: 'I hope we get more romance than blood and guts as this is meant to be a forum for Romance'. ;O)

  9. Hello fellow RFWers.
    Mine's up.

    There's no gremlins or goblins in this poet's heart...just sweet & magical love!

    Will be visiting tomorrow & over weekend.

    This Unknown Spirit

  10. Eeek; mine's up. I'll get around to visiting all the other links this weekend.

    I hope my ghost story is romantic.


  11. Well, written a poem!
    A first time at it!
    Usually write poetry about romance and Life..
    Hope you guys will appreciate!

    Happy writing!

  12. I'm having a busier than expected day! I might have to wait and comment on people's tomorrow :/

  13. Off Topic: I have a character named Priyanka! :)

  14. Hi Denise, I found the RFW blog through Andy's help! :) I read the submissions guidelines, and had a query...

    In my blog, I don't place badges on the sidebar, rather I have a page where the badges of each site I write for (if they have one) is there (they're linked to the sites of course)... Is it an absolute must that the badge shd be on the sidebar, or is it OK for me to join in and put ur blog badge in that page? :)

  15. Hi Leo,

    I'm no longer on admin staff, but it's Hallowe'en and anything goes! Be a devil, post your piece and so long as you have a link on your blog's "badge page" what the hell! ;)


  16. Hi Leo. Thanks to Francine your query has been answered. I was catching up on my beauty sleep far across the ocean blue.

    Hoping you can post for this challenge!


  17. Sadly, I haven't yet been able to respond to the kindness of others and read their selections.

    I've spent the last 24 hours doing nothing but managing my mother's care. Last evening my mother showed a new side of her dementia--extreme violence. With her 70 lb. frame, she yanked a heavy 26"+ picture tube TV off a table, tore her room apart, and spilled hot soup on another resident. She also became suicidal. She was sent out to the hospital and then eventually returned to the assisted living facility. I spent most of today meeting and talking with medical care workers.

    These incidents are extremely draining for me. I want so much to read other posts this week, but it may take me some time to accomplish that.

  18. Marsha, hi, oh poor you and poor your mother. How distressing for all involved. What must be going on inside her head to do those things. How I hope you get it sorted out.

    Reading our stories can wait and of course we don't expect you to do something which pales into significance against the urgent care of your beloved mother.

    Please set your mind at ease. Loved your story and I'm so pleased you were able to find the time to post.

    Take care...thinking of you...

    Denise x

  19. Marsha,

    Your story really touched me. I pray that you pull through this difficult time for you and your mum. Please take care and know that you are not alone.



  20. Badge in my blog's badge page.
    Under 400 Words.
    Haunted Badge definitely in post and linked.
    Invite to followers also done!

    Glad to be aboard! Thanks! :)

  21. I'm pretty excited! We've broken our weekly record for number of posts. Well done everyone! Great to see 6 new posters for Haunting.

    Now who will be the Featured Writer?


  22. Marsha, I understand this is a difficult time for you & your family. Keep courage my dear. We are all here for you.

    Leo, happy to see you made it in time!

    We made it to 20 entries! Big congrats to RFW!

    Happy writing everyone!


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