Wednesday 1 August 2012

Wednesday Wrap Up Post - Three Things You Could Have Done Better

Members and Friends, thanks for writing for us for our latest challenge. A warm welcome to our new followers and members. Please feel confident to write for us - we're not at all scary - we're all learning to improve our writing! We'd value your comments even if at this time you don't feel ready to submit.

The broad nature of the prompt meant that there were no similar entries. The entries were all so different, unique and overall enjoyable, but the theme was 'regret', whether poetry or prose.

An apology from me before the wrap up...I was a bit slow commenting as I had a deadline to meet, writing a romantic ghost story with a July 29 deadline. Just made the deadline! Now I just hope they like it!

RAHUL - New member Rahul wrote a poem of heartfelt regret, using hindsight to look back on past mistakes. We can relate to this sentiment. Most of us picked up the sad vibe - 'seeped in sadness' as one commenter said.

ANNA - Anna continued her heart-wrenching saga of Jenny (female Robinson Crusoe) who was shipwrecked for 4 years. She returns only to find her loving husband Paul, is about to move on from their marriage. Anna will be wrapping up her story next prompt. Jenny's regrets were notated via a newspaper article.

FRANCINE: Francine found the perfect extract from her book, Scandalous Whispers, in the form of a letter full of heartbreaking angst. The letter truly revealed Men are from Mars - Women are from Venus. Those of us who've read the book know that there are good things ahead and not a lot of regrets.

DONNA - It's good to see Donna getting her novel out there too - Not Her Mother's Fate. The extract was difficult for Donna, as she compacted 15 pages into 400 words. The extract highlighted the adventures of Amy and Robert - Amy, a very conflicted mc and her love interest, Robert, who appears very laid back. There was plenty of miscommunication, but the reader hopes these two get their relationship sorted. We know there'll be plenty of regrets along the way.

ROLAND - Roland managed to fit the prompt into 1857 Mumbai (well that'd probably be Bombay then) India where the irrepressible Samuel McCord sets out to save the lovely innocent child Lucy Wentworth. Her vulnerability in the face of certain death makes for powerful reading.

HEATHER - Good use of theme and extremely heartfelt and real. I'm sure many a husband or wife who's been left behind wonders what they could have done better, maybe they could have circumvented this happening if only...Heather evoked powerful emotions, some regrets, finally coming to acceptance.

ADURA - Some readers were hoodwinked by Adura's poem thinking it was lighthearted, but there was a lot of trauma lurking beneath the surface. Adura used her real life experience to show just how tricky life can be - how things change in an instant - 'Laughing one minute - then a jab in the ribs.' The ending - 'pain-loss-gain' packed a powerful punch. There are always regrets.

SALLY - Sally's Harriet was a little masterpiece, replete with images to tell a story of a wonderful relationship between grandmother and grandaughter and a lasting romance. Love was all over this poem and your comments showed how much it clicked with you.

MADELEINE - Madeleine took a character from her upcoming novel, Ultimate Sacrifice, and built on her for this challenge. We have Lyndsay regretting not doing enough to get Colin's attention. We feel sorry for her and wonder if she'll get a second chance. Every good wish for your Book Launch Maddy! It's finally here!

RADWA - Radwa stole the show for many readers this week with her wonderful poem of affirmation. It was so emotional and touching and jolly hard hitting. "It's the long story of a life...' and 'me is all I can be..' Wonderful words. There'll always be regrets, but we need to love and accept ourselves so we can reach out to others.

ANDY - A little departure for Andy this week but I think it added another level to his great prosetry. Beautiful You was a poem to shattered dreams, but steadfast love (yes, Andy!) The sting of unrequited love is there, along with some regrets, but here we have the spurned lover wanting to ' jasmine and honey.' Delicious. Still managed to get that romantic element in Andy.

LINDA - Linda used a male POV, so the arrogance comes through (OUCH! Sexist! Well, who could be more arrogant than a young male university student in a group of other males, all working their tricks to get their chicks?) Anyway, Marcel, an Algerian, is in hot pursuit of an American student, but is spurned. After she leaves, he regrets the lost weeks where he was angry with her and flagged in his efforts to win her.

DENISE - I set my story in the most romantic city in the world to me - Paris - in one of the most romantic spots - the Padlocked Bridge (well, there's more than one now, but the one near Notre Dame still the first and most famous) with stereotypical gorgeous couple who get married, get separated, get together again. all in Paris. I decorated it with my pictures from the bridge and the area I stayed in Paris last time - the bridge was in front of me and that restaurant was beside me. Oh joy!

So overall, regrets we have a few. The prompt could have lead to pessimistic writing, but overall we all kept pretty optimistic. Well done all!

Now moving onto next prompt. NOTE: It is a first person prompt. I've made it very open ended. Have a ball!


This is a first-person challenge!

You are sick of your life!
You feel the need to break out of the box!
You are doing what you want for a change!
Yes! You're taking that break you've been promising yourself - you're heading for a tropical island paradise to:

- finish that project you've been working on
- just do nothing but sunbake, eat, party
- think about your relationship (does that need to change too?)

Perhaps your love may surprise you with a welcome or unwelcome visit to enhance/spoil your island idyll...

Perhaps your love decides to move on while you're gone...

Perhaps you miss your love so much that you hurry home before your time...this could be exhilarating...or tragic...

Your story, your way! Surprise us!

And before I go, there has been some disturbing activity on the Internet related to some of us here at RFW. Perhaps the name Romantic Friday Writers may give some people the wrong idea, but those who have been members a long time, or even recent members if you take the time to check, know our group is 'closed door'. Facebook has been used to seek 'friends' from some of our 'friends' who may be family members. Following each other is fine, but there is no call to send 'friend' requests to our family members. For further information you may contact myself or Donna, but I hope this quick note is enough to warn those who have been doing the wrong thing that no predatory activity will be tolerated at RFW. I quote from our Submissions Page:

The main purpose of RFW is to improve our writing in a supportive environment by response to prompts and through friendly critique..

Thats all folks!!

Please return on Monday 6 August for a Guest Post from India Drummond, author of Contemporary Urban Fantasy.


  1. Denise, good luck with your romantic ghost story - let us know how you get on, glad you met the deadline. Great wrap up. Since I've joined I love the way people take the time to read other entries and to comment in such positive ways. We all work hard on our writing and it's nice to get feedback from people who have no ulterior motives, strangers in the beginning who become virtual friends. It's nice to belong. Happy writing everybody.

    1. Sally, you have become in a short time a very valued member of our little writing community. Your writing packs a punch and you also give generously of your time in commenting on other's work.

  2. Dear Denise,
    Excellent wrap up! I agree with everything you said at the end too. Wishing you all the best with your story. Enjoy the rest of the week!

    1. Thanks Andy. It'd be just too much to get it accepted, but it all helps - all that writing and rewriting!
      The rest of my week will be joyous. Going for an overnight trip to Manu Island, so a coupla days of really chilling out after a pretty stressful writing session.

  3. Great wrap up! As usual, everyone's posts were amazing. I wasn't aware of the facebook problems. I look forward to this group so I hope it doesn't become a problem

    1. Don't worry Heather. Donna and I take every initiative to jealously guard the integrity of RFW.

  4. Thanks alot for all and special thanks for the dear Donna and Denise for giving us the space to write freely and to share out loud and support each other
    I consider myself amateur and beginer but all of you supporting me in a tremendous way, thanks alot im really happy :)

    1. Radwa, you shouldn't feel that way at all, your work is amazing! Perhaps I shouldn't feel that way either as I have been writing since I was 12 but I hardly consider myself to be an expert. I feel the same way, 98 percent of the time.. that other 2 percent, I'm just really thankful that everyone enjoys my poetry and short stories. It brings a smile to my face. Try not to be like me.. debbie downer! Believe in yourself! You're amazing!!

    2. Radwa, no matter how long you've been writing you always feel a beginner, because there's always so much to learn and everyone else seems to write better than us. But we love it and we press on. The more we write, the better we get.

    3. Dear Crystal & Denise,
      thanks alot my friends,i appreciate your opinion,you know i have been writing for many years and at first i was afraid of sharing,i felt shy to express and share feelings even if its not what you feel,sometimes something happens infront of you and others life affect you,but when i shared i felt its something else,
      3 years ago i was disappointed to the extent that i left writing and when i came back now and made my new blog i felt that its a seed and i need to water no matter how moody iam,thats making me feel iam having a space for myself and when i shared in here or with my dear friend Andy,the fear was gone and felt it a warm respectful place to be and to share as i always says"sharing is caring" so to care to say out loud and knowing that your voice is heard and its not echo of your voice coming back to you,really thats a feeling that cant be expressed in words,but it made my day,

      as Denise said theres so much to learn,the more we write the more we learn : )

  5. Well, I have atleast one regret as of now and that's the fact that I didn't get to participate in this weeks challenge because it's been so hectic here getting ready for the coming school year. It's that time again for me and I'll be running around once again like a crazed chicken pecking the ground! LOL! I agree with what you said at the end I hope RFW, Blogger, Facebook and other social media sites can be a place for us all to gather around and support each other in a clean friendly environment. Thank you Donna and Denise. And to all the entrants, the entries were amazing! I think I'll go ahead and work on my draft for the next challenge before it's too late and I miss the deadline again!

    1. Crystal, it's always so strange hearing of starting a new school year now. Ours finishes in December and begins again end of January.
      I heavily regret you didn't post last time too. Let's hope you get your post ready for I Need A Change. I'm thinking about mine already.

    2. Yeah i cant wait to see yours Crystal as i feel you and Janu and me have so much in common :)

      dont regret and we will be waiting for your precious share next time,i started to think about mine as well :)

  6. Great wrap up post :) Everyone made this posting so unique. Lots of excellent voice in these submissions.

    My head is all stuffed up from the heat, but I wanted to say thanks to everyone for participating this week, and I look forward to the varied interpretations for next challenge.

    Denise; congrats on getting your story completed and submitted. Woohoo! I'm sure it will be accepted.

    Have a great weekend everyone.


  7. There were lots of great entries this week. It's great they wre all so optimitic as you say.

    Thanks for your synopsis of my piece here. Interesting how things presented in one context can give a different story to when they are presented in another ;O)

  8. Fun reads all round. Well done folks! I'm off on hols. See you when I get back.

    1. Have a great holiday Francine! You need it I'm sure after your publication madness!

  9. I know one of the three things I could do better is pay attention to when these prompts are due! I'm going to really try and get this next one done! The other two things are probably things I don't really want to do anyway (like pay attention to boring stuff or wash the dog).

  10. Hi everyone:
    Good news, I've got my computer up and the internet on. I'm back and will post this coming Friday.


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