Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Wednesday Wrap Up Post for Challenge No 37 - Yes, No, Oh, Alright Then!

Hi my friends

It was a lovely turn out this week. We were happy to see three new participants having a go and doing very well!

The theme of indecision came across very strongly, with some using the actual words from the prompt (this was not a compulsory requirement!) and others titling theirs to suit the theme.

Thank you all for your well-considered entries. I know we're all frantically busy with various writing projects, so Donna and I are thankful that you regularly take time to write for us, whether you're adjusting your WIP to fit the theme/word count, or whether you're crafting a brand new poem or prose offering, we salute you.

I just finished my rounds again, so I can see all the lovely comments. Those of you who're new may not have seen that you can get a full critique if you'd like, but you must tell us. Otherwise we're mainly offering positive feedback which is good too.

In order of sign up here is a quick overview of the entries this week:

ROLAND: Strong, atmospheric emotive writing as always as Victor and Alice danced their last dance before the fae High Queen Oxggia. Even the grass was smouldering. A delight for the senses, with a sweet waltz, sighing violins as they 'whirled and twirled in a dance of love.' The indecision was an interesting part of the piece. Alice was asking of Victor something he was witholding.

CHARMAINE: Welcome to a new participant who delighted us all with her present tense tale of conflict regarding expectations in a relationship. I love the progression of the story which takes place amidst various musical references and crumbs in beards. Full of atmosphere. Why does she stay? Why does she love him? The surprise ending was a humdinger.

LINDA: No romantic element in this semi-autobiographical story, but Linda captured the essence of the theme well. Indecision! Will I go? Will I stay? Don't we love risk takers? As always, loved the strong ending.

HEATHER: Welcome to another first timer for RFW. A great debut Heather, with a story of teenage angst which has its roots in a true experience. These are often the best tales, aren't they? Loved the set up with the interference in Monica's and Ryan's relationship. There's always another teen to run your life! Great use of theme.

FRANCINE: A feisty extract from Francine's latest WIP, Venetian Encounter. I adore Venice so was right there in the Georgian/Regency romance but I didn't have my frilly petticoat on. Loved the characters, especially Ropo the monkey. I thought he was an interesting motif, but he's a major character. A story of powerful temptation with a lot of questions - will/won't she get aboard?

KIRU: An extract from Kiru's novel, His Strength, this extract had many declaring they can't wait to read the full text. Nneka (always love the names Kiru chooses), caught between body and mind. Who can resist the alpha male? I don't think Nneka can.

MICHAEL: Michael nervously presented his story, but he wowed us with his tale of Jason and Shannon. She was a bit of a whinger and needed to sort herself out, but a guy who describes himself as 'Grade A prime beef' either has a great sense of the ridiculous or is just plain stupid. choose. Michael's emotive piece had us taking sides, er, Shannon's side mainly.But he is a handyman...

SALLY: Oh, lovely to see what we call prosetry at RFW. It was great to lose myself in this prose that beautifully conveys anguish and indecision. Swayed by that sexy English accent she makes up her mind to move to England, to start a new life. Alrighty then. Great twist at the end.

DONNA: Well we often say that being a member of RFW helps us to improve our writing and Donna is proudly not-a-romantic-writer, but she does a great imitation doesn't she? Ha! Your'e doing great Donna. We all  loved your sensory piece with all our favourite props - yellow roses, vintage wine (pity the glass was empty and she doesn't fill it up again - that created great tension for me!), cordon bleu cook, classical music - ah, seduction! But Jason has done something bad. We don't know what. Maybe we'll find out more in Being the Perfect Ex!

ANNA: Sweet pirate birthday party! The usual kiddie party stuff which many of us can relate to, but bring a Pirate into the mix and single mum may have a romance on her hands. We're all hoping. And several were left begging for more Anna, so please, please...

ANDY: What can you say about this super-romantic poet? Just that he delivers again and again with words that drip honey. Yet this time to adhere to the theme, he managed to add some loneliness and despair and tears to the prose. A sense of vulnerability and a little humourous touch at the end with the inclusion of the prompt words - 'Oh, alright then!' Great, Andy.

DENISE: Thanks for your supportive comments on my monologue. Loved writing it. May do another for the next prompt.

Well we have to kick this off again! I've sent out emails and waited for more votes, but nothing has changed for awhile now, so that leaves both Donna and I with two votes each. Doesn't seem much, but we're a small group and I know not everyone can/will go around and read all comments. That's the only way the vote means anything. So thanks for voting for your two hosts.  Here's to you all!

So thank you ladies and gentlemen. I hope you enjoyed this prompt and will return for the next which is below: It's going to be a cracker!

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Linky will go up next Thursday June 14.


  1. It was a great experience and I loved reading all the stories, you summed it up perfectly. Look forward to the perfect ex :)

  2. I'm going to try to get back into it! I've been missing the challenges!

    1. Woh, hello Ruth! Nice to see you again! Yes, the challenges are quite addictive aren't they? It will be WONDERFUL to have you back!


  3. Ah man; the next challenge is the 15th *face palm* I have a guest post scheduled for the weekend. My calendar needs a vacation.

    Thanks for the votes; ya'll rock, ya know.


  4. Hello all.
    I almost didn't make my hands overflowing, but I didn't want to let my Aussie girl down! Anyway, I like the wrap up. Well done everyone. Now I have to get my thinking cap on for the next one. Have a great weekend everyone. See you soon!

    1. Thanks for pushing yourself Andy. It just wouldn't seem right if you didn't post! I'm sure you'll do something amazing for the 'Ex'. The Aussie will be waiting! D.


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