Thursday, 31 May 2012

#RomanticFridayWriters - Linky Sign Up - Challenge No 37- 'Yes, no, oh alright then!'

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  1. Thanks for pushing me out of my non-romantic comfort zone Denise! I can see my 'romance' writing needs a touch more... romance? But it was fun to participate and I'll keep trying :)
    Might catch you in the rabbit hole?

  2. Hey I'm up. Got my monologue happening this time. Great to see two new posters already! Can't wait to get around and read all your stories/poems over the weekend!


    PS Charmaine, I'm in the State Library Rabbit Hole tapping out 30,000 words this weekend. Find me! Hope your Egyptian mystery is not mummified at this point!

  3. Hee hee, I'm in, Lt Herne is up, and Therese in tease mode!

  4. I can't access Roland's blog. My laptop freezes!

  5. Mine's up too. Welcome, Charmaine and Heather!

  6. Hello all.
    Finally linked up. This was a lot harder than I was expecting. Will be around to read soon.
    Welcome to RFW Charmaine & Heather!

  7. And Michael. Sorry for not giving you a special welcome too but seeing you're an longtime friend I just overlooked the fact. Many welcomes Michael. D.

  8. I know I posted a comment to this. My mind is mush. Thanks everyone who posted a submission. They were all super awesome.



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