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#RomanticFridayWriters - #AtoZChallenge - Dribbles and Drabbles - Flash Fiction - G is for 'Get under cover!'

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RFW is about short short writing or flash fiction (usually 400 words), less for poems, with some romantic element. It's not Romance of the happily ever after variety, but Romantic, where it's about the story, the issue, with some romantic relationship involved. Our stories are edgy, sometimes dark, and often don't have the HEA ending! 

So here we go! RFW Dribbles (50 words), Drabbles (100 words) and Droubbles (200 words) and more (400 ish)...for your enjoyment - a laugh, a cry...

It's widely agreed that most fiction (unless it's solely about animals) begins and ends with human characters: their frailties, virtues, conflicts and expectations. In our stories for the A - Z Challenge the writers attempt to more closely observe the people around us...

G is for 'Get under cover!'

'Get under cover!' Bosco* yelled as he pushed her to the ground. 'The Taliban are shooting from those hills!'
Geni fell hard. 'Ouch! Is that what those flashes are? I thought they must be shooting off fireworks, having a celebration. Like it was a holy day, or, er night.'
'Fireworks be damned, Geni. That's enemy fire. It's a holy day here every day.'
'But where's cover?' She felt around with her hands in the pitch black of an Afghanistan night, a blind person searching for something familiar.
'Pick a rock. Any rock. Just make damn sure it's a big one.'
Geni huddled behind the biggest rock she could find in the darkness. 'We must stop meeting like this Bosco,' she joked.
'Holy shit!' she screamed as a hunk of shale flew past her ear. She wiggled and rolled to the next rock. Maybe it'd be safer. She pulled her helmet down and sucked her head in like a turtle hiding in its shell.
Ping! Another near miss. She squeezed herself between a ledge and a rough mountain of rock. She hung her head on her chest and waited.
'How long will this go on?' she whispered to Bosco.
No answer.
'Bosco!' she hissed.
She was alone.

*The MC's love interest in my Afghanistan novel.

Words 200 Drabble
(I've just seen the film, The Exotic Magnolia Hotel, set amongst the rickshaws in beautiful, crazy India!)


Denise, (L'Aussie) writes short stories, flash fiction, travel articles and newspaper profiles while working on her Great Australian Novels, one of which is set in Afghanistan. She's the founder of RomanticFridayWriters. Her writing blog is L'Aussie Writing. She'd love you to visit her there for her A - Z Challenge on the theme, BLOGGERS WERE CHILDREN TOO! 


  1. Uh oh's. Suddenly alone, not usually a good sign. I like the character interaction even under such tension.

  2. Hello Denise.
    Oh dear, I hope that silence doesn't spell doom for Bosco. Another action-packed post from you. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for visiting too.

    1. Thanks Andy for coming by each time and reading. You're a real hero! Bosco's a survivor! D.

  3. Oh no. I'm not sure how you made me care for Bosco in so few words, but I'm worried for him now!

    1. Ah that Bosco. He's a hero and a great one at that. D.

  4. Ahh! So dramatic! Great flash fiction, my friend.

    Good luck with the challenge!

    Dianna Fielding

  5. Bosco can't disappear into the night just like that, can he? Thrilling.


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