Monday, 16 April 2012

#RomanticFridayWriters - #AtoZChallenge - Flash Fiction - 'N is for Nelly, just when...'

Welcome to RomanticFridayWriters!

RFW is about short short writing or flash fiction (usually 400 words), less for poems, with some romantic element. It's not Romance of the happily ever after variety, but Romantic, where it's about the story, the issue, with some romantic relationship involved. Our stories are edgy, sometimes dark, and often don't have the HEA ending!

So here we go! RFW Dribbles (50 words), Drabbles (100 words) and Droubbles (200 words) and more (400 ish)...for your enjoyment - a laugh, a cry...

It's widely agreed that most fiction (unless it's solely about animals) begins and ends with human characters: their frailties, virtues, conflicts and expectations. In our stories for the A - Z Challenge the writers attempt to more closely observe the people around us...

A Droubble

N is for 'Nelly...'

'Nelly, just when you need them most they go and die on you,' Elspeth sobbed into her hand-embroidered handkerchief. 'How am I ever going to cope on my own?'

'You're lucky to have all this,' Nelly thought to herself, but wasn't game to say it to her long-time friend.

'Look Nelly, it's been me that's been feeling poorly these past years, but now Harry just ups and leaves me. No warning, no nothing,' she sniffed, dabbing her eyes daintily.

'Well, a heart attack is very sudden Elspeth. Harry could hardly warn you. He had no warning himself, poor fellow.' Poor fellow indeed, Nelly thought, he could have told me. After all, it happened just after we...

'Poor fellow, yes,' Nelly said, patting Elspeth's hand. 'Harry was unlucky. I'm sure he'd rather be with you...' or me, she thought.

'Unlucky? I'm the unlucky one! Who's going to fix that fence? Who's going to mow all these acres? Who's going to take the cattle to market?'

Maybe Harry's the lucky one after all, Nelly thought. He was too kind to leave you Elspeth, when he and I could have had such a happy life together, you cow. RIP, Harry, you were one of the good ones.

Words 200

Denise, (L'Aussie) writes short stories, flash fiction, travel articles and newspaper profiles while working on her Great Australian Novels, one of which is set in Afghanistan. She's the founder of RomanticFridayWriters. Her writing blog is L'Aussie Writing. She'd love you to visit her there for her A - Z Challenge on the theme, BLOGGERS WERE CHILDREN TOO!


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