Tuesday, 10 April 2012

#RomanticFridayWriters - #AtoZChallenge - Dribbles and Drabbles - Flash Fiction - I is for 'Isodora settled onto the hotel bar stool...'

Welcome to RomanticFridayWriters!

RFW is about short short writing or flash fiction (usually 400 words), less for poems, with some romantic element. It's not Romance of the happily ever after variety, but Romantic, where it's about the story, the issue, with some romantic relationship involved. Our stories are edgy, sometimes dark, and often don't have the HEA ending! 

So here we go! RFW Dribbles (50 words), Drabbles (100 words) and Droubbles (200 words) and more (400 ish)...for your enjoyment - a laugh, a cry...

It's widely agreed that most fiction (unless it's solely about animals) begins and ends with human characters: their frailties, virtues, conflicts and expectations. In our stories for the A - Z Challenge the writers attempt to more closely observe the people around us...

I is for Isodora

Isodora settled onto the hotel bar stool fingering the photo of her sisters, Holly, Hailey and Helen, all decked out in their cowgirl outfits. 

"Margarita," she mumbled to the bartender.

A man sat on her right. "Hey Babe."

She turned her head away.

Two large hands settled on her shoulders. Isodora felt the tension seep from her tired muscles as the stranger's fingers began their slow massage. She moaned in pleasure. 

"Isodora," he said, giving her shoulders a final squeeze. The stranger took the seat on her left. He dropped his black Stetson onto the bar and regarded her with his soulful brown eyes. 

"Detective?" She drained the margarita, ordered another.

"We've determined it was an accident."

"Accident." If her boss hadn't been an asshole, she'd have been in the rental too, driving from Colorado to Houston.

The second margarita came and she treated it like the first. 

"Woah filly," Detective Stetson said. 

She turned toward him. Her soul slipped into his kind chocolate eyes. Gravity shifted. Her body eased his way. His mouth met hers with tender pressure. 

"You'll need help to your room." His arms supported her and her heart would never be the same.

Word Count 200 - a Drabble

Image - Scooter Nation



Nancy Williams has been inventing fantastical stories since she started talking eons ago. She finds it fun to create new creatures and new worlds or to elaborate on this world. Nancy has published two books and is working on her third.Visit her @ http://nrwilliams.blogspot.com.au/.


  1. Nice. I wouldn't mind having a couple margaritas after work, lol. The name sounds familiar and with this one I want to know more of what is going on. So... M is for More? maybe...

  2. Nice story Nancy. Yes, I agree with Dawn. You could continue this one. Lots to go on, so much mystery in so little words.


  3. Lots of unanswered questions in this one.

  4. Thanks everyone...perhaps I'll give it a little more.


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