Friday, 11 May 2012

APPRECIATING THE ZEALOTRY - Challenge No 36 - Friday May 18

What a rush the last few weeks have been!  A-Z Challenge, Madeleine Maddock’s Plotting Blogfest, and the awesome RFW picture prompt that hearalded our regular posting schedule in May.  Are you all exhausted?  Needing a break?  Well, I beat ya to it, having been on blogger break through April, lol.  But I’m giving you the opportunity to link to a post, without working at it.  This is my version of A-Z: Appreciating the Zealotry that was April.

I’m catching up now; but yikes, did I miss some awesome posts from all of my friends here at RFW?  I hung out off-line: answering e-mails, drafting posts for RFW and my own blogspot; even accomplished some writing and mundane day life tasks.  I think I need a break from my break.

What about you?  What did you do through April?  Did you participate in A-Z, or keep to your normal blogging schedule?  Take a much needed break from the writing world?

Do tell; Denise and I truly want to know.  Denise was adventurous enough to post A-Z on two – yes TWO – blogs.  Every day, except Sunday of course.  I think she skipped Sunday . .

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes feel I produce my best writing for a blogfest; and A-Z is like an everyday blogfest.  The other time I create an awesome post is when everyone is otherwise occupied and doesn’t see it.  You ever feel that way?

Well, here’s your chance to show off your best, most favorite blog post of A-Z Challenge.  LOL; I already hear several types of groans amongst the “way cool” sighs.

FIRST GROAN:  What, I only get to pick one?  I’m cheating and picking two. 

SECOND GROAN:  I didn’t participate in A-Z!

THIRD GROAN:  My posts (A-Z or normal posting schedule) did not include a romance element, and were much longer than 400-600 words.

Not to worry.  We know A-Z encouraged shorter posts for the benefit of the massive participation list, and most bloggers keep their usual posts within 1000 words.  And we here at RFW do not have the over 1600 sign up list to browse through.  The focus of this prompt is to show off a post you wrote during April that you particularly loved.  Regardless of content (excepting the relatively clean, “closed door” environment of RFW).

Oh, I forgot to address cheating, didn’t I?  Cheating is built into this prompt.  Cuz, what is love without a cheating heart?  Go ahead, add your TWO favorites to the linky.  Remember, these are links to the original April post; easy peasy, no new writing required.

FOURTH GROAN:  No fair, I didn’t post during April; I took a blogger break.

What a coincidence; Me too!  I did some writing on my WIP(s) during April.  Some of this writing was editing, and some was research.  Now, I’m not a “plotter” by nature, but I consider “research” on cultural/concept/character development a part of plotting.  Some concepts/descriptions you just can’t “pants” through.  Agree?

So if you didn’t post during April, you have our permission to post something you wrote, revised, edited, or researched DURING APRIL. 

FIFTH GROAN:  Bloggers who posted got to cheat with two posts; how do I cheat with my original/revision/research?

Well, you would be limited to one post, obviously; unless you posted on two separate days so you have two links.  However;

-          you could post the draft, and the revision
-          you could post the research, then the excerpt that used the research
-          you can post writing/revision excerpts on two separate projects
-          you can tell us where you have been published in April
-          you can tell us who you queried or submitted partial/fulls to
-          you can combine any of these to make a post

SIXTH GROAN:  I did nothing writing related at all during April.

Yeah, that happens sometimes; and should be celebrated as a good thing to be taking care of the rest of your life.  We hope you did something you enjoyed, but even if you were recovering from a medical/emotional episode, we encourage you to tell us all about it. C'mon you must have done something in April, right!? If you made stuffed toys or jewelery, you'll have to post a picture as proof.

There you have it; the many ways you can add a link (or two) that Appreciates the Zealotry that was April.  Please sign up when the linky goes up so we can read all about it . .

Linky up next Thursday 17th.

Spread the word via your blog if you're excited about the idea. We'd appreciate it if you at least posted the button in your sidebar!

Don't forget to read the Wednesday Wrap Up below.


  1. I joined a-z but with photos...and blogged on the other but nothing stood out unless you count my IWSF post or book reviews.
    I missed the last RFW...just forgot to pen a story and with mind freeze the last couple on months, dropped out.

  2. You also posted those couple of great flashes for RFW you could link too Rek. Not many got to read them.

    Sorry you missed our first challenge.


  3. Rek; you could also just write a short blurb about what you did during April :)

    Happy Mothers Day RFW.


  4. Yes Happy Mothers Day to all the mums who celebrate on this day. Mine was awesome! D.

  5. I have to ask to be excused from this challenge. Friday is my birthday and I'd rather not be working. Writing is work. LOL
    Anyway, the truth is that I'm away for the next few days without my laptop, so I can't read or write posts.

    So, I hope you don't mind. Wishing everyone the best.


    1. Happy Birthday! Have a great day. Yes, we'll miss you and hope you can make the next challenge. D.

  6. Yikes, this is pretty well wide open. Let me check to see what I can do.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Hi Arlee. I hope you can choose a post for us to read.



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