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Wednesday Wrap Up - Picture Prompt - A Night on the Town - Challenge No 35.

Hello everyone!

Both Donna and myself were excited to see 10 members writing for our first challenge of the month, this just after most of us participating in the A-Z Challenge. So congratulations! I hope this means you missed posting during April. I know I missed coming up/writing to prompts.

Several of you wrote under duress. Linda's father is dying, Kiru is launching her latest book, Francine wrote hers over lunch after seeing a post on FB which reminded her of the date, Ms Queenly went right to the wire, but got it out there, Andy tried prose which sat uncomfortably with him, Roland was swirling in a sea of blood (of the courier type), Nancy was about to move house, Anna was worried about her tax returns - yet you all posted!!!!!! That shows what a spunky lot we are at RFW. Thanks for giving all of us your excellent stories to read. Adura contacted me and said she was forced to step back as she has things happening in her life she needs to deal with.

As we announced, there is no longer going to be a Featured Writer each challenge. We know you like to have your say, so there will usually be a Poll where you can vote for your favourite story/poem. Unless there's a clear winner though, there can't be a People's Choice. And this has happened - 3 writers got 2 votes - Linda, Nancy and Denise and Donna got one vote. 7 votes out of 10 is a good proportion, but I think there's no outright winner this challenge. Congrats to all who received votes! I loved all your stories for different reasons, but my vote went to Linda for the pure joy and craziness of it, even though romance was lacking. Sort of would be out of place there...

I know the Response to Image was brilliant, (sorry Maddy) - I found the picture in a magazine. Loved it. Saw all sorts of possibilities. Not surprisingly there was a theme happening - a night out on the town, and a few transvestites revealed, or about to be...Thank you everyone for sticking pretty well to the guidelines...

Now you'll miss Donna's thorough critiques today. Unfortunately Donna's father died. She got the phone call as she was about to put fingers to keyboard on each of your stories. Our thoughts and prayers are with Donna at this time, and Linda, whose father is dying...

Mine is a quick wrap up today. I'm looking more at what you wrote than how you wrote it...

In the order of posting...

Anna - Anna used the Romeo + Juliet audition suggestion for the prompt and didn't she do it well? Her lovely character Daisy was well-fleshed out and we all felt dejected when she lost the audition. Anna went ahead and wrote a sequel, which contained an element of romance missing in the first piece. Judging by comments, you all got right into Daisy's story and hope to see more of her in the future.

Nancy - I adored the story of Isadora and Detective Stetson. For those of you who looked in all the wrong places to find the original, Nancy posted it for me during the A-Z Challenge on RFW. Here is the link. I love the slow and steady build up of this romance. (BTW there were some great little flashes posted here during the A-Z Challenge - not all by me, lol. Guest writers wrote great stories!)

Linda - Lady No Hips - the title was a bit of a giveaway. I adored this crazy story, glued to the screen right to the last line which was a cracker! Who does endings like Linda?! I, for one, loved that sleazy Colton was in for a terrible surprise when he discovered that Lady No Hips was No Lady.

Andy - Spent a lot of time putting your prose down, didn't you Andy? But we all loved it even though it made you uncomfortable. I always think poetry is the hardest to write, but Andy thought prose wasn't doing it for him. We all disagreed, Andy, and your unique voice and style still shone in this story of looking back to a high school love. Beautifully told.

Donna - Well, Donna is the first to admit she's no great romantic and she completely forgot the romantic element in her story, but Jodi (Jonathan), sex-change girl/boy, Monotone and Lipstick made great reading. Now I'm wondering who Ru Paul is? Well, I can sort of guess. A rollicking tale. As Francine said - this prompt led to hitting the trannie button!

Francine - Yeah, that trannie button again! The Lollipops, Ginger and Danny's ogling ways, was a trannie fest. It was like being there in the pub eavesdropping on the conversation. Francine's dialogue was spot on and natural. Who can believe she wrote it off the cuff? "Bloomin' genius" as I said.

Kiru - An intriguing tense tale of bathroom gossip between three girls on a hen's night, all about Bimbo's fiance, Deji's, naughty ways, wedding looming. What to do? It seems Bimbo knew all along, and perhaps Funke has ulterior motives for breaking the bad news. Will this wedding of the year go ahead? Do tell, Kiru. Maybe another prompt will bring up these characters again. Hmm. One comes to mind...

Roland - Set in the haunted jazz club, Meilori's (well known to Roland's followers/readers of his books), we have Alice channelling the dead Victor's voice. Are Trish and Becca to blame for Victor's death. Look out girls! Dark and compelling.

Ms Queenly - Taviante probably had the most lustful, romantic tale. Sabian - "reservoir of infinite cool" is hoping to have some hanky panky with Darling, that flirty girl, on a romantic cruise. Sabian's thoughts turn to love - "tonight he was going to kiss her...(when) the cool distant moon shone over the ocean of liquid fire..." Delicious descriptions. Now Taviante was a very late linker, so she only has two comments. If you haven't read her story, please do. Perhaps you couldn't leave a comment. I had heaps of trouble and ended up using twitter after four attempts. Word Press doesn't like blogger and is making it hard to comment on WP blogs.

Now don't forget our next prompt. It's easy-peasy. APPRECIATING THE ZEALOTRY. Just be thinking about which post/s you wrote during April that you would like to repost for a larger audience. Return Friday for the full details. I've already posted about it on my L'Aussie blog during my Reflections on the A-Z post, currently showing. Once you have the details, please show your enthusiasm by posting about it or at the least, adding the badge to your sidebar!


  1. Hi Denise, I missed it! I was going to try and enter as a first timer but work got in the way and I didn't realise I had missed the deadline. I'll keep a good eye out for the next one and see if I can join in. I did read all the entries and enjoyed them.

  2. It was a fun image, hence "lollipops" and writing out of the box!

    Zealotry as prompt! Nah, just can't get an inkling of inspiration...All I can see is either a bible punching lay preacher, or that of Jewish mama giving verbal stick ... Cannot link element of romance to either character, so I'm dropping out on this one...

  3. Meant to say - old posting is cheating: where's the challenge in that? ;)

  4. Hello Denise.
    Please give my sincere condolences to Donna and of course my thoughts and prayers are with her and Linda.

    I remember how much I was dreading this challenge from the first time I saw the image. Prose writing just is not for me. I've been writing my style of poetry for so long now that I can come up with a poem in my sleep! I'm glad everyone enjoyed my little number, but I think that's it for me. I'll stick to what I know and what I excel at (sorry). At least the next challenge is easier. Since I wrote everyday, it shouldn't be too hard to choose my favorite. My Assistant even has them organized on my blog!

    LOL at Francine's to love her...she's a frisky one! (smile)
    Have a great weekend all and an even better week ahead!

  5. Thanks Andy. Ah I know you'll have something wonderful for the next challenge. D.

  6. So glad lots of you were inspired by the prompt and thanks for the mentions ;O)
    I'm impressed with you all and your breakdown of all the entries, Denise, made me smile.

  7. Poops I missed the voting. Where did the time go :O0!


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